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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  December 8, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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accused of plotting and executing a plan to asset of a car bomb -- to set off a car bomb in catonsville. the fbi said he posed a real threats,s, but the tools work eighth supplied by an undercover agent to became aware antonio martinez antonio martinin octob. in fact, the bomb was harmless. >> the vehicle that he was in contained an explosive device. he personally drove it to the recruitment center where he left it. he stayed in the immediate area and attempted to detonate the device. >> martinez who also went by the name of muhammad hussain used facebook to vent his anger
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towards the military officials. his conversations with someone he thought was helping him were recorded by the fbi. in one conversation he allegedly told associate we will hit them where it hurts. we will go to their stations, basis, everywhere as soldier is. and every soldier we see in uniform will be killed on the spot. the u.s. attorney tried to head off any claim of entrapment. >> the idea allegedly was of the defendant, it was not planted by the fbi. of course the undercover operations, which are conducted with close supervision by experts in the fbi and justice department, one thing they are constantly alert to is to make sure that we're not planting any ideas in the mind of the defendant. >> authorities believe he is a loene wolf.
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>> martinez will be back in federal court on monday. he is charged with attempted murder of federal employees and the intended use of a weapon of mass destruction. he was about to join the military before converting to islam. >> reaction to all of this is as swift as it is strong. witnesses described an intense scary scene and many expressed surprise at how terrorism hit so close to home. >> the action took place right down at the corner of the building. kotte is the manager of an auto parts store in maybe 30 yards from the army recruitment center. >> when we opened the door, we saw the fbi and small tactical gear swarming around the ciensc.
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>> allow bank turned out to be the beginning of the end of the fbi sting. -- the loud bang turned out to be the beginning of the end of the fbi sting. he left in another vehicle with undercover agents to the back of the shopping center. >> i was in the kitchen writing christmas cards, and i heard so i explosion or pumboom looked out the window across the street to the shopping center and solve all of the fbi men in the middle. >> he may have also seen their rendezvous vehicle. court documents indicate agents called martinez of letting them know there were eight soldiers
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in the building. -- letting him know there were soldiers in the building. >> and makes you want to be aware of what is going on in the hyper vigilant about if you see something or hear something that do not just think it only happens far away. efforts.pplaud fbi's they say even though it disrupted business for a couple of hours, it was nothing compared to what might have happened. >> we continue with the story right now on the court documents are there detail lead the investigation. you will find what federal prosecutors have to say about this case. you can sign up for breaking news as we followed the case. this case is very similar to one in portland. >> authorities arrested a
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teenager the day after thanksgiving. he thought he was setting off a bomb at a christmas tree lighting ceremony, but the explosive was a dud. he has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction heroes a local. we're live on the block with details. >> two completely different stories concerning both of these five years. and the investigation is far from over on the block as fire officials have now called in the 80th national response team to assist with the investigation. -- authorities have now called in the atf national response team to assist with the investigation. >> we can say with confidence
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that looks electrical in nature, accidental on the first floor. it started on the first floor and burned up. >> sources have concerned that the fire started from an electrical problem on the first floor of the burned out building and quickly work its way up the ventilation shaft to the wroof. over on the block wednesday, a much different story with that fire. atf trucks and heavy construction equipment lined the street. at this point investigators are yet to get inside the building where the fire started because of structural issues. that is what the national response team was brought in. >> our goal during the investigation is to work together collectively as a team, utilizing all the resources to quickly and effectively
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determine the cause of fire. >> the last time the federal branch of the atf was involved in a baltimore city fire was march of 2004 when a west baltimore ice house burned. the atf is able to assist investigation will only take about three to five days. >> we have a lot of pieces and information. slowly but surely we will start to view the picture. >> baltimore city notified atf while the fire was burning on monday that assistance would be needed. right now nothing has been ruled out. >> it could be accidental. it could be undetermined. it could be arson. we take a look at all of that. >> city fire officials tell us they hope to have the investigation here on the block
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wrapped up within the next three to five days. until then baltimore street will be closed. one final note, they have set up a hotline for anyone who might have tips on the fire. we are live downtown off the block. educationght's alerts, a motion to continue -- in motion continues to run high among parents. -- emotions continue to run high among parents. >> it is no longer a matter of if students will be relocated but where and when. in the meantime, parents continue to press the school system to find out why. >> this new elementary school will help relieve overcrowding in some parts of parker county
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but not all. that is why the school system is set to move places to points north. >> my children of the school. they are very upset by the potential of moving to i another school. >> it is also a plan that is not sitting well with this north harper elementary school parents. >> it is a big deal. how will they get home within an hour if not more? >> we have to shift a lot of the capacity north to make room for the overcrowded areas along 95 and up 24. >> school officials said. feedback is important as they try to put the final touches on a plan that is far from complete. >> obviously we have some work
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to do with the plan. there are still a fuel scha few schools that are above 100% capacity. >> more meetings are set for next year. in the meantime, parents patients appeared to be very thin. this is a very detailed plan that takes a closer look at the proposal. blog on your website -- log on to our website >> there is more news at 6:00. >> gas prices are on the rise again. i have details and a live report. >> after an injury, there will be a little different role this week. >> of the wind may ease up a
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little bit, but the chilly air will hang around for awhile. the forecast is coming right up. baltimore is down to 24 at the airport. when my husband got sick and couldn't work anymore, it was up to me to support our family. [ male announcer ] karri danner went back to school, to become a nurse. my education made all the difference... [ male announcer ] but now some in washington want regulations restricting access to career colleges and universities, denying opportunity to millions of people like karri, letting government decide who can go to college. it's my education, and my job, it should be my choice. [ male announcer ] don't let washington get in the way.
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>> if you have to build up your gas tank lately, you have probably noticed the soaring price of gas. >> the prices here in northwest are pretty typical, over $3 per gallon. prices have been rising for about a month and a half and outlook for the future does not look good. >> george fills up of 100 gallon tank just about every day for his work. that is getting more difficult
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to do with the rising price of gas. >> it is hard to run the company and keep cool and equipment. it is $3 per gallon. right now will be $400 to fill up this tank. >> it is also causing problems for truckdrivers to drive as much as 3,000 miles per week. they want us to cut down on anything that could raise the company costs. >> analysts say over the last month and a half prices have gone up 20 to 25 cents per gallon. in the baltimore area at least a price hovering around or over $3. >> it is not a supply problem. it is not an availability problem. >> the problem is that the price
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of crude oil is going up nearly -- merely on speculation that there could be a short supply in the future. >> we have a president obama saying we're not going to drill off the coast of the u.s. anymore. for speculators, their view is that long-term there could be tight supplies. whether that will happen or not, i do not know. >> regardless it is driving prices up now. there is no any indication they will come down anytime soon. that cost could be passed along to customers. >> we have to of our prices. -- we have to up our prices. >> you can always check gas prices in your area on our website and click on automotives.
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>> now your 11 insta weather forecast. >> most of the nation is kind of shivering in the mid-winter like chill. it is not even official winter yet. we're still in the early parts of december. this is typically what you would see in january. very cold conditions. 39 at new orleans. record low temperature around the jacksonville area. columbia, south carolina, was down to 16 degrees. low 40's all the way down to miami. a chilly day on the eastern half of the country. 20 in pittsburgh. 21 at richmond. how about charlotte, n.c.? 15 degrees at charlotte. really we felt the chill in the
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afternoon by missing the normal high by 12 degrees. will be colderwe bot tonight. centerville 31. all of these numbers will fall last through the evening as soon as the winds or lighten up just a little bit. the wind chill is still a little bit of a factor, at less of a concern later on tonight and during the day tomorrow as the winds began to ease up. as the strong northwesterly winds diminish, at the lake enhanced snow bands will fall apart. clear around baltimore tonight. colder and less windy. 13 in outlying suburbs. 23 at the inner harbor by morning. an area of low pressure down south. with the moisture runs into cold
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air across eastern and central alabama, a little bit of light snow falling this evening. all the way down here quite wintry. our next storm is out west. mostly rain. until we know how the storm will pass, we'll have to keep an eye on that. this will be late saturday night early sunday. tomorrow a lot of sunshine. a fairly significant drop in the wind speed. it will still be cold. friday a slight chance for a flurry near the pennsylvania border. saturday the clouds returning. here comes the western system. rain in southern ohio by noon on saturday. tomorrow 30's. it will feel a whole lot different than has the past few days. 35 with sunshine around the bay.
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wolseley sunny skies on the lower eastern shore were high temperatures will reach the mid to upper 30's. getting back to 40's on saturday. timing will be critical with the weekend storm. if it starts early on sunday, it might be mixed with freezing rain. and that storm will be followed by yet another blast of wind and cold and maybe clary's again next week. -- and maybe flurries again next week. >> as expected, he did not practice again today. last sunday night -- he has an playing chance agains monday night. the game started with an injury at tight end and ended with an
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incompletion. he was broke in as iraqi. this week the tight end will focus most of his energy on helping the iraqis. -- helping the rookies. >> ed has been playing all year. dennis has played quite a bit this year. now they will take the host: of it. i will be there all week long. i will still be engaged in the game plan making sure they know exactly what is going on. >> we're doing a little extra work after practice to make sure timing is right and the chemistry is right. to go much more tonight on wbal. -- >> much more tonight on wbal. do not discuss religion or politics and public.
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luke scott goes one for two against that advice. the conversation turned to politics. the show host asked him if he thought president obama was born in the united states. scott said he was not born here. well the u.s. constitution does state only a natural born citizen of the united states can be president. this underscores the wisdom of your parents' advice not to discuss politics or religion in public. urban meyer tried to step down before this college football season. now she will walk away after the season. the announces resignation today affected after the game on june reversed. -- he announced his resignation
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today affected just after the game in january. stick around. anwe have the forecast rate ahe.
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>> much more on today's ported and terror attack. -- thwarted terror attacks. find out what is
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>> coldest of continuing. it-30's tomorrow but not quite as windy. tomorrow but not quite as wenindy. >> will you let mother nature know it is still opefall? >> the duper joining us. good
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